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‏‏‎‎‏‏Why people get rejected and ghosted:

So many people get rejected and ghosted because they are not applying the correct way and do not truly understand how the application process works, especially for university students and graduates.

So, ends up getting the job?

Jobs are rarely given to the best candidate; rather, they are given to the people who understand how the system works.

The fact is: Most resumes will not be read carefully by a person at all, so you must pass the ATS software and match the keywords!

Previous customers have received offers from top companies:

Our clients have been offered jobs at: NVIDIA, MasterCard, HPE, Amazon, Meta, and more!

Even if you do not have any experience, we can help you pass the system to land your first paid internship!

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ATSreader.com is very knowledgeable about the ATS system. Provides a thorough tips and advice write up.
Jay Cao
Texas, USA
I really appreciate the great job ATSreader.com has done on my resume. Mine now looks nicer and neater, and more detailed. I like the way that they left additional comments on the template which provides me with very useful tips on how to improve my resume in the future! Highly recommend!
Sheryl Tan
California, USA
I learned so many things about how to perfect a resume through ATSreader's fundamental checklist and custom resume designs! I didn't even know that companies cared about the types of things they mentioned, and after following these guides, I got my first paid job offer without previous experience!
Daniel Morris
United Kingdom


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