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Fundamental Resume Checklist (Digital)


BUNDLE: Custom ATS Resume Designs & Resume Checklist Bundle (Digital)

ATS Approved Resume Checklist and Template

ATS Approved Custom Resume Designs (Digital)


(8 customer reviews)

This collection of resume templates has been curated by our professional team and verified by industry experts to ensure both ATS machine and human readability. Ensure all of your keywords are properly being read by parsing software by using our templates!

These templates meet the highest standards of ATS machines and hiring departments for readability, content, and organization.

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Applying for jobs in tech but facing rejection? Whether you are applying to be a software engineer, data analyst, or product manager, ATSreader has got you covered. We believe that you deserve your dream job, but unfortunately, applications have gotten harder than ever. With the influx of applications, it can be hard to stand out.

Our designs, checklist, and methods have been verified not only by hiring departments of tech companies but also by successful employees to ensure your long-term success. With our packages, you can take your application to the next level!

This product includes:

  • 3x Digital Resume Templates – PDF Digital File
    • 1x Resume Template for Students & New Grads
    • 1x Resume Template for people with 1-4 years of experience
    • 1x Resume Template for people with 5+ years of experience
We have run our templates through actual ATS systems to see what your resume looks like on the other side. Take a look at what happens when you run a popular free resume template through iCIMS:

You’ve worked hard to get where you are, so use the right resume design to showcase your hard work. In short: if you want more interviews and call-backs, you’ll love our resumes.
Now, more than ever is the best time to update your resume. If you’re entering the job market or transitioning to a new job, you’ll compete with significantly more candidates than just two years ago.

With generous relocation packages and the growing trend of remote positions, companies are forced to use ATS systems to filter out hundreds of candidates from across the globe.

Even if you are currently working, it’s a good idea to keep your resume updated. You’ll always be ready to ask for a new promotion, have a timeline of your accomplishments, and be prepared for an internal or external career shift.
Everyone’s application is unique, so it is important to play to our strengths depending on accomplishments and career history.

Keeping this in mind, we have created three templates specific to your years of experience. Our carefully placed comments act as a step-by-step blueprint, so you can easily and effectively fill out your resume. You can be done updating your resume in just 15 minutes!

Our team is available by email year-round to answer any questions you have to boost your career!

8 reviews for ATS Approved Custom Resume Designs (Digital)

  1. Devan Shu

    good templates and good comments

  2. Daryl Spencer

    better than any other free template I used before

  3. Teme S.

    Great template, I liked how there were different styles depending on the length of my career.

  4. Leroy Bass

    They really understand all of the intricacies that every CS graduate should know, highly reccommend

  5. Frank Zhuang

    I’ve used many free templates in the past, but this was the best one, the comments are especially helpful

  6. Nick Silva

    I liked the template, but all three look the same, its just designed so you pick one depending on how long you’ve worked

  7. Laverne Nash

    I liked the look of the template, very standard but unique at the same time. Jerry also helped me reformat it because my resume was quite empty, so I appreciate the extra help

  8. James Duncan

    Couldn’t find any internships beforehand, but these templates helped me realize that I shouldn’t be using Canva or fancy colors for my resume. Got my first paid internship as a sophomore so I’m satisfied

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